My Grandma's Favourite OWL Coffee Has A Cafe Now!!!

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Hi Huneybees,

Since 1956, OWL Coffee began its Straits Asian Coffee legacy. Through the years, OWL has been with us and available in convenient sachets and packages. My grandma has been a huge fan of OWL Coffee, even till today, she insists in her morning cup of thick, strong Kopi O.

Yipee! And now OWL has a Café! We can get specially brewed OWL Coffee right at OWL Café @ The Star Vista. Just a stone's throw away from Buona Vista MRT, the new baby of OWL is so convenient and refreshing.

Stepping into the Cafe, reminds me of my days working at a coffee place. The strong aroma welcomed me in and seriously, I'm so addicted to it, I couldn't bear to leave! Trust me!

And if there's beautiful weather of even at nights under the beautiful moonlight, you can choose the alfresco dining area...

NO! 3-in-1 coffee is not served here even though you can purchase them off the rack. Every cup of coffee is freshly brewed and they are flavours you can't find in their packaged coffee.

Interesting must try coffees would be the Gula Melaka Kopi (sweet!) as well as the rare, 100% authentic Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee served with Coffee Caviar). Take your time to savour the coffees!

My Kopi Luwak came specially served in a tray and glass dome. Slowly open up and breath deeply for the strong aroma of the coffee. It's really like the cartoons where the smoke comes out drawing you close...

Coffee Caviar! I would say, don't start pouring everything into the coffee. Have a sip and the scoop a couple to go with it. That's how you can taste the wonderful coffee blend!

Hae Chor Salad with Oriental Dressing

Not just coffee, delicious food is also served here. If you are looking for an affordable place to chill out with your friends or looking for something special to eat, come find it all at OWL Café! The dishes are specially thought out by the chef and they all have the  

Spaghetti with Laksa Sauce
I would recommend starting off your meal with a salad and the interesting thing here is that the salad is served with Hae Chor (Prawn Roll). The portion is pretty big and filling, so be sure to share it!

 Assam Mango Chicken with Nasi Kuning
Assam Chicken Wings  
Don't miss out trying the high recommended Assam Chicken Wings or Assam Mango Chicken with Nasi Kuning too! They are slightly spicy dishes, but I'll say the burning's worth it! The taste is so authentic and you won't be able to find it elsewhere.

Have a cup of Calamansi Freeze or Soursop Freeze to "cool down".

If you are not too hungry or just looking for some bites during tea time, you can have the Otak-Otak (Spicy Fish Cake) Toast or Roti Bakar Assam Nanas (Tamarind Sauce Topped With Ham & Pineapple Slices).

What's amazing is that this is not your usual bread toast, no thick toast etc. It's actually Ciabatta Bread! My favourite Italian bread that's soft and fluffy on the inside and there's a thin layer of flour on the outside. The slight spiciness of the ingredients bring out the flavour and they both enhance each other's taste.


Glory Hitam and Durian Pengat
Choose from the smooth silky beancurd or the fusion dessert that we are familiar with - Glory Hitam (Cold Pulau Hitam), Chendol (With Jackfruit Slices) or the orgasmic Durian Pengat! My high recommendation goes to the Durian Pengat, but be sure to share it and check the availability of the desserts as they run out pretty fast!

Front: Chendol (with jackfruit slices)
So gather your friends and head on over for a "Nanyang" time!

More information can be found at

Owl Café
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
Tel +65 6694 3537


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